Who We Are

What We Do 


Our large variety of product and services can be used in                          The growing demand in the Agritech Market has driven  
                         engineering services.                                                          
us to develop more innovative Farming technology to
                                                                                                                                              complete in the market.


  We provide you with the best IOT training academy to                               The wide range of technical solutions that we provide 
                        fulfil the market demand.                                                                    will help you solve your every problem.

Our Team

Regaltech is comprised of a highly qualified and dedicated team, all working hand in hand to achieve our mission, in line with our shared vision. We have in our ranks experienced project managers and engineers, designers and drafters, as well as support staff so that every project undertaken is we managed and is given the upmost attention to detail and quality is always assured. 

Regaltech's Project Management 

We believe that the most important and often overlooked contributor to any project's success is the management of the project, as the saying goes ''fail to plan, plan to fail.'' Therefore, through our considerable experience and our commitment to continuous improvement, we have developed a standard flow to any project handling to ensure that the best and most professional attention is given to each updertaken project. The project management procedure takes into account the various aspects of the project and ensures no task is overlooked, no matter how smal it may seem. We belive that even the smallest detail bears significance, and it is important to handle all tasks diligently, be it big or small. In this way, we continue to provide quality service, and the satisfaction of our customers drive us to continue to aspire to be the best in this field. 

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