Clerk of Work

Main Role:
The Clerk of Works provides onsite technical supervision and support by monitoring the day to day construction activities on an assigned construction site.
The incumbent must prepare and submit detailed analytical reports as scheduled to provide decision-makers with reliable and accurate information on the status of on-going projects.
Job Duties and Responsibilities:
• To assist the Assistant Resident Engineer (ARE) to provide standing supervision for the micro-tunnelling works in accordance to project specifications, drawings and relevant works.
• As and when instructed by the Qualified Person (Supervision) (QPS) and ARE, assist them to review and approve any valid overtime requisitions from the Contractor and to assist in the supervision of the works.
• To assist the QPS and ARE in all aspects relating to the construction of the Project, keeping and reviewing record of works, materials, equipment at site, monitoring Contractor's schedules, observe and comply with site safety, and submitting all reports to the ARE. Attend all meetings relating to the project and other duties as directed by the QPS and ARE from time to time.
• To assist ARE in the management of the site office, its cleanliness, proper filing systems, seating arrangement maintaining office security and taking charge of office equipment assigned to the project.
• To provide full support and assistance to the QPS and ARE in ensuring that their instructions are communicated effectively and works are being carried out in accordance with instructions from time to time.
• To assist the ARE to monitor all site activities, to collect facts and information pertaining to site works, to keep record of activities and information and to prepare progress and/or incident reports at regular intervals or as and when directed.
• To assist the ARE to monitor and to ensure the effective implementation of site safety measures are properly executed by the Contractor on site.
• To assist the ARE in the review of Contractor¡¯s proposed method statement and working procedure and to verify that they are properly executed on site.
• To assist the ARE to prepare site instructions to the contractor as well as list of defects of any completed works.
• To ensure that the items in the defect lists are rectified when required and carry out such further inspections as necessary to ensure that the work is completed.
• To check that the finished works are free from defects, tested and in a properly functioning order.
• To assist the ARE in co-ordination of site matters.
• To perform other duties as instructed by the ARE.
• Supporting the firm¡¯s compliance in maintaining ISO 9001 and OHSAS 4501 requirements.

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