About Us

Regaltech (M) Sdn Bhd had been established in Nov 2006. Our company is a private limited company founded by Elson sun.

The initial portfolio comprised of Process instrumentation solution provider and custom-designed including system solutions in the field of Mechanical, Electrical Engineering and Industrial control systems.

Over the year, we have grown to become an established and reputable global player and JV Partners. Our customers base spans across the whole of Malaysia.

We have also strengthened our internal structure by creating specialized departments that are headed by experienced personnel in order to manage the different business functions more efficiently.

Motto, Mission & Vision

Our Motto



We shall continuously strive to exceed customer expectation by providing one-stop solution, innovative technology, reliable knowledge which can work with society.


Regaltech Vision is to be a market leader of solution provider and become a TRUSTED PARTNER to our customers based on our knowledge and competency.

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