About Us
Regaltech solves the Automation and IT(Information Technology) challenge of the industrial internet of things, delivering better business outcomes, with a tailored made sensor to software solution consisting of end-to-end middleware with included IoT analytics and device management able to operate on-premise, in the cloud and/or a hybrid of both.
A I4FM solutionist. Regaltech, a Industry 4.0 Fleet Management Solution Provider.
Regaltech is a rapidly-growing Industry Automation and IoT company providing tailored made enterprise middleware, IoT/IIoT solutions, factory automation sensors and fieldbus system for the digital transformation of industries. As a thought leader in enterprise IoT and Industry Automation, Regaltech enables interoperability through industrial-grade platforms. Our software and solutions enables comprehensive data analytics and management, empowering businesses to create new solutions and revenue streams with data collected from any device, through any connectivity, throughout any IT ecosystem.
Regaltech Professional Services includes a team of IoT  and Automation experts who help businesses benefit from the IoT and IIoT. Whether you are Fortune 500 or midsize, Industry 4.0, Transportation, Utilities, or Manufacturing, connecting to the IoT and IIoT will improve your business outcomes. We make it happen.

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